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FB5 2015 test shooting.with performer Anne-Maria-Waldeck (c) Humatic & Partners
'....bodily stimulation, as intermedial transposition and as a method of conveying music-making behaviour in the context of visual arts, are notions that were not only realized but also popularized by J. Hendrix in his body-regulated play with feedback. It was ultimately pop music that realized the notions of bodily music making and of bodily reception of music on a large scale....Prof. Dr. Werner Jauk, Graz

The multi-channel installation FeeedBack 5 relies on the stimulating effect of the guitar-feedback sound... and beauty - focussing on pure bodily excitement in aesthetic and social contexts - before becoming meaningful. It places the audience in a situation to close and manipulate inter-media feedback loops and to become an integral part of a complex musical circuit in a non linear movie-time-space.

FB5 is a pipelined work of the H_RP [Humatic Re-Performing] work series. ...more
related works: H_RP series

FeeedBack5 by HUMATIC & Partners 
Christian Graupner, Alan Gleeson, Joao Pais and many more
System tools designed by
Musical Interaction Team at IRCAM, Centre Pompidou / Norbert Schnell & Humatic

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